Azbil Smart Valve Positioner AVP100-H

SVP3000 Alphaplus is an intelligent electric / gas valve positioner based on microprocessor technology. SVP3000  Alphaplus to accept the controller to transmit the DC signal to control the opening of the valve. In addition to this function, Alphaplus SVP3000 smart valve positioner has the field communication, automatic configuration, self diagnosis function, greatly improve the production efficiency of the factory.

Available models are: AVP100-H, AVP102-H, AVP300, AVP301, AVP302, etc. 

AVP100  specification
Max input resistance : 300Ω/20mA DC
Output  characteristics: linear, equal percentage, quick opening
Feedback rod angle:     /- 4 ~ /- 20
Stem rotation angle: maximum 90
Intelligent valve positioner is AVP100 is connected to the regulation of 4-20mA output circuit, adjust all have complete electronic module, input signal and valve open degree between can be arbitrarily set, can be easily set and other special applications. AVP100 type 4-20mA standard signal, can be directly installed in the existing control system. Debugging is very simple.