Fisher Valve Positioner DVC6200

The FIELDVUE DVC6200F Digital Valve Controller is a core component of the PlantWeb? digital
plant architecture. The digital valve controller powers PlantWeb by capturing and delivering valve
diagnostic data. Coupled with ValveLink? software, the DVC6200 provides users with an accurate
picture of valve performance, including actual stem position, instrument input signal, and
pneumatic pressure to the actuator. Using this information, the digital valve controller diagnoses
not only itself, but also the valve and actuator to which it is mounted.


Classification and application:

Products directly mounted on the valve:

  • DVC6010: used in straight stroke control valves
  • DVC6020: for rotary and long stroke straight stroke control valves
  • DVC6030: for 90 degree rotary control valve

Remote installation of products:

  • DVC6005: Basic unit for 2-inch tubing or wall panel mounting
  • DVC6015: The feedback unit is used for straight stroke valves
  • DVC6025: The feedback unit is used for rotary and long stroke straight stroke valves
  • DVC6035: The feedback unit is used for 90 degree rotary valves

Specific models are as follows:

  • DVC6010-AC single acting, DVC6010-AC double acting
  • DVC6010-HC single acting, DVC6010-HC double acting
  • DVC6020-AC single acting, DVC6020-AC double acting
  • DVC6020-HC single acting, DVC6020-HC double acting
  • DVC6030-AC single acting, DVC6030-AC double acting
  • DVC6030-HC single acting, DVC6030-HC double acting