Fisher Valve Positioner DVC2000


The DVC2000 digital valve controller is a communicating, microprocessor-based current-to-pneumatic valve positioner. It is designed to replace standard pneumatic and electro-pneumatic valve positioners. In addition to the traditional function of converting an input current signal (4-20 mA) to a pneumatic output pressure, the DVC2000 digital valve controller communicates via a local display panel and/or via the HART protocol. An option is available which provides isolated circuitry for two (2) integrated limit switches (for open/close valve indication) and a valve position transmitter (for separate valve position feedback).



  • The linkage-less feedback system is easy to install. At its very basic functionality, the DVC2000 digital valve controller has a local user interface that will allow you to configure, calibrate, and tune the instrument
  • Years of control experience has brought this product line to a high level of reliability and dependability.
  • The two-stage positioner design provides a mechanical platform that enables responsiveness to small input changes and tighter process control.
  • Tests can be performed to identify problems with the entire control valve assembly using ValveLink? software, which assists in pinpointing problems without disrupting the process and before the equipment fails.
  • Available with an I/O Options Package which includes two integral limit switches and a stem position transmitter.
  • Features a compact size with multilingual liquid crystal display.
  • Integral mounting is available on Fisher GX, and 657 and 667 size i actuators.