ITEM:  Mecc alte AVR DSR
 Country  of  original:  Itally
 Tachnical  data:  

 The DSR is a voltage regulator for synchronous alternators, designed  for stand alone working and calibration; to maximize performance,  the regulator should be understood as part of a system made up of  at least three components: the DSR (control unit), a communications  module (DI1, for example) and a supervision unit, as illustrated in  figure 4 or 12.

 The connectors for connection to and from the power generator and  communications module are located on the DSR regulator.
 The supervision unit can be made up of a personal computer,  another “synoptic” device or both; it does not have the function of  controlling the system in real time, but allows programming and  visualisation of all operational parameters of the DSR.
 If it is equipped with an RS485 or RS232 serial interface, the DI1  communications module is necessary for its connection.