Generator Meter

SYC 6716 generator synchronizing panel

 ITEM  SYC6716 generator synchronizing panel
 Desc:  SYC6716 synchronizer is a high-tech designed product;there is no need to install  synchronizer so the cost of generators and machine control cabinet is reduced and the  line is simplified .And what's the most important is improved the stability of generators  and machine control cabinet.
 Function  of LED  
 36  LEDs in  a circle  When it is synchronous,the phase difference is near 0°,the top green LED shall be  lit.when fGEN>Fmains,the phase difference is timing angle ,LED shall be lit in the  direction of "TOO FAST",a phase difference of 0°will be increased when a more  LED is lit in that direction.When fGEN

 If the frequency of the generator sets is on the high side or on the low side,the  LED shall be lit in timing direction or inverted direction accordingly.

 SYNC  Light up when the phase difference is lower the presetting difference.
 DC  Power  mains  Lights up when the power is supplied
 ENABLED  Lights up when the synchronization has been accepted
 BREAKER  CLOSURE  RELAY  The switching signal shall be showed synchronously if the phase difference is  lower than presenting difference and meanwhile the LED is lit when the  synchronization has been accepted
 GEN  Lights up when generator is running