Deep Sea Controller

Deep sea controller DSE720

 Country    of  original:  U.K
 Desc:  The DSE 720 automatic mains failure module has been primarily designed to monitor  the mains(utility) supply, starting the generator automatically should it fall out of limits,  transferring the load automatically to the generator. Once the mains (utility) has        returned the load is automatically transferred back to the mains (utility) and the    generator cooled down before it stops. If required the generator can be started and    stopped manually. 

 The DSE 720 module monitors the mains (utility) supply indicating the status of the  mains via an LED. Additionally the module monitors the engine, indicating that the  generator is running via an LED. An LCD display is used to indicate further status and  alarm conditions. When a fault is detected the generator is automatically shut down,  giving a true first up fault condition. 

 Using the module's front panel configuration editor it is possible to alter selective  operational sequences, timers and alarm trips. Comprehensive configuration and  monitoring is also available using the 700 series PC configuration software for  Windows? . 

 The module is housed in a fully enclosed robust plastic case for front panel mounting,  offering a high IP rating of 56 with the optional gasket. Connections to the module are  via locking plug and sockets.