Deep Sea Controller

Deep sea controller DSE705

 Item:  Dse705 generator controller
 Country    of original:  U.K
 Main features:  Main Features 
 Automatic mains (utility) supply monitoring 
 Load changeover control 
 Manual start 
 Protected solid state (PSS) outputs 
 Front panel mounting 
 Front panel programming 
 LED indicators 
 Configurable timers 
 Configurable outputs 
 Single/three phase mains sensing 

 Transfer's between mains and generator power 
 On-site module configuration to match user requirements 
 The module is operated by the three push-buttons on the front: 
 Manual Off Load-This is used to manually start and run the engine off load. Should  the mains (utility) supply fail, then the load is transferred to the generator  automatically. 
 Manual On Load- This mode is used to manually start and run the engine on load. 
 Auto Mode-This puts the module into automatic mode, where it will await a mains  failure. Upon detection it will send a start request to the generator control unit.