Deep Sea Controller

Deep sea controller DSE3110

 Country of original:  U.K
 Unit weight:  0.5KG
 Desc.:  The Configuration Suite allows supported DSE modules (such as the DSE3000  series) to be connected to a PC via USB A USB B cable. Once connected the  various operating parameters  within the module can be Viewed or edited as required  by the engineer. This software allows easy controlled access to these values and  Also has diagnostic monitoring facilities. The configuration suite should only be used  by competent, qualified personnel, as changes to the operation of The module may  have safety implications on the panel / generating set to which it is fitted. Access to  critical Operational sequences and settings for use by qualified engineers, may be  barred by a security code set by The generator provider. 

 The information contained in this manual should be read in conjunction with the  information contained in the Appropriate module documentation. This manual only  details which settings are available and how they may Be used. A separate manual  deals with the operation of the individual module (See section entitled Bibliography 
 Elsewhere in this document).