Deep Sea Controller

Deep sea controller DSE7510

 Country of original:  U.K
 DSEC  The DSE7510 is an automatic engine control module, designed to provide advanced  load share functionality for diesel and gas generating sets that include non-electronic  and electronic engines. The module aslo provides excellent engine monitoring and  protection features.


 The module's load share functions include automaitc synchronizing with built in  synchroscope and closing onto dead bus. Direct and flexible outputs from the  module are provided to allow connection to the most commonly used speed  governors and automatic voltage regulators(AVRs)


 The module has been designed to combine a maximum of 16 generator and 16  mains(utility)supplies up to a maximum of 20 in one system, e.g.16 generators and 4  mains(utility) supplies(DSE7560 required to synchronise with the mains). The  module has the ability to monitor under/over genrator volts, over current, under/over  generator frequency, under speed, over speed, charge fail, emergency stop, low oil  pressure, high engine temperature, fail to start, low/high DS battery volts, fail to stop,  generator short circuit protection, reverse power, generator phase rotation error,  earth fault protection, loss of speed signal, fail to open, fail to close, out of sync, MPU  open circuit failure, negative phase sequence and loss of excitation