Deep Sea Controller

Deep sea controller DSE7310

 Country of original:  U.K
 Desc  The DSE 7000 series is designed to provide differing levels of functionality across a  common platform. This allows the generator OEM greater flexibility in the choice of  controller to use for a specific  application. 

 The DSE 7000 series module has been designed to allow the operator to start and  stop the generator, and if Required, transfer the load to the generator either manually  (via fascia mounted push-buttons) or automatically. 
 Additionally, the DSE7320 automatically starts and stops the generator set  depending upon the status of the mains (utility) supply. 

 The user also has the facility to view the system operating parameters via the LCD  display.The DSE 7000 module monitors the engine, indicating the operational status  and fault conditions, automatically Shutting down the engine and giving a true first up  fault condition of an engine failure by a COMMON AUDIBLE ALARM. The LCD  display indicates the fault. 
 The powerful ARM microprocessor contained within the module allows for  incorporation of a range of complex 
· Text based LCD display (supporting multiple languages). 
· True RMS Voltage, Current and Power monitoring. 
· Engine parameter monitoring. 
· Fully configurable inputs for use as alarms or a range of different functions. 
· Engine ECU interface to electronic engines. 
  Using a PC and the 7000 series configuration software allows alteration of selected    operational sequences, timers And alarm trips. 
 Additionally, the module's integral fascia configuration editor allows adjustment of a  subset of this information. 
 A robust plastic case designed for front panel mounting houses the module.  Connections are via locking plug and Sockets.